Virtual Offices

Share a prestigious address with top corporations and let us run your virtual office for you. We listen to your needs and design a Virtual Plan to fit those needs.


You’ll have access to offices and conference/meeting rooms by the hour (usage is tracked in 15-minute increments for your convenience), access to administrative assistance, copiers, guest reception, and someone to accept your overnight packages and mail.


Our receptionist will answer the phone in your company name, screen your calls for you, forwarding those you’re ready to take to you on your cell or home office phone, and sending the others to voicemail while you’re meeting with customers and clients. It’s a highly professional way to control costs while providing a professional environment and image!


Virtual Office Plans are described below. If your business requirements don’t fit, call us at 205-314-5700 to discuss a custom plan to suit your needs.

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We partner with LiquidSpace to provide this service. Before making a reservation, you will need to create an account through the LiquidSpace platform

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