Meeting Rooms

YourOffice has a meeting room for every occasion!

Choose the meeting room that matches your objective from our online calendar.  Book it yourself while you have your client on the phone or give us a call or email to book it for you.  Meeting rooms are booked in fifteen minute increments with a very liberal cancellation policy.  The goal is to impress your clients without breaking the bank!

We cater to our clients!

Whether your meeting is short or all day, we can make your guests comfortable with a carafe of filtered water.  Or if you like we can brew a pot of coffee and bring in some snacks or a full catered lunch.  All rooms have wired and wireless internet and a conference phone and many other amenities.

Reserve your meeting room or guest office today

We partner with LiquidSpace to provide this service. Before making a reservation, you will need to create an account through the LiquidSpace platform

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